An Austrian and a German win at Kope

Petra Bernhard and Maximilian Jakubowski are the winners of this year’s round two of Unior Downhill Cup series in Bike park Kope. This is the first time that Unior DH Cup united with auner Austrian Gravity Series.

Great weather, great atmosphere and great racing – these would sum up the inaugural downhill race at Kope, a small but friendly ski resort in North-Western Slovenia.

In a short time the organizers from MTB Koroška and hosts from Kope managed to prepare a good downhill track. It could not be long, steep and extremely demanding, it was 1240 m long with a 147 m vertical drop and took well under two minutes for the fastest riders to complete. But it was both fast and technically challenging with some old-school fast ski slope parts, loamy forest sections and some bike park flow style berms. The gaps were tight and there is no doubt that the fastest and most precise riders took the top places.

The fastest

122 riders from Austria, Croatia, Germany, Luxemburg and Slovenia turned up for the race.

It was the German rider Maximilian Jakubowski (Banshee Racing Brigade / BSC Tiefenbronn) who won the men’s elite category race by setting a time .78 faster than the Croatian rider Vidian Rihtar Šalehar (Supersnurf). Austrian Stefan Mauser (SuspensionLab) was third while the Slovenian Žan Pirš (Bikehanic – 20 Chocolate) and German Marcell Frey (Foward Athletik) filled out the 4th and 5th place on the podium.

Maximilian Jakubowski
Maximilian Jakubowski

Slovenian Jan Cimperman (MTB Trbovlje/HCI) was the fastest in the morning semi-final run but crashed in the final and finished in 11th place.

petra bernhard
Petra Bernhard

Everyone was happy to see the Austrian Petra Bernhard (BC Stuahupfa Leibnitz) to make her return after her 2018 injury at a World Cup race in Mont-Sainte-Anna, Canada. The experienced champion returned with a win! Another Austrian Elke Rabeder (Dirty Trail Friends) finished second and the Slovenian rookie Nina Kovač (Rajd Ljubljana) third.

Top five women

Almost all the wins in other categories went to Austrian riders. It looked like most of the top Austrian young riders showed up.

Find all the results here

The cooperation and plans

Unior DH Cup is looking forward to partnership with the auner Austrian Gravity Series since both (and the riders, teams and organizers) can only benefit from it. Or to put it simply: we can have at least one stronger event per season. We would also like to return to Kope and we think that everyone who came here for the first time was pleasantly surprised – not only by the trails but by the accommodation and other facilities in the resort.

We continue…

The 2021 Unior Downhill Cup continues on September 26 in Tršće, Čabar, Croatia. This will be round three of the series and also the Croatian National Championships. More on DH Tršće.

Photos by Friedrich Simon Kugi @fskugi